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Low Pressure Electrolyzer

Low Pressure Electrolyzer

The Treadwell Low Pressure Electrolyzer (LPE), has been designed, manufactured, qualified and is currently in production in accordance with Navy requirements and specifications. The LPE incorporates proven technologies and components which result in a very reliable, safe, efficient and cost effective system.

Safety, reliability, maintainability and ease of operation were major design criteria in the development of the LPE system. No double failure will cause a personnel hazard and in the case of a failure or anomaly that causes an unsafe condition, the unit will safely shutdown without operator action. The system provides safe and simple operation with low maintenance requirements. The main operator interface is a color graphic, touch-sensitive monitor which displays a complete animated LPE fluid schematic, which illustrates the system operation in real-time. Once the system is in Electrolysis mode the unit may be left unattended as its operation is fully automated.

The heart of the system is the proton-exchange membrane (PEM) Electrolysis Module assembly developed and manufactured by Giner, Inc. The Electrolysis Module is based on a proven, reliable design that has been steadily improved upon over the past fifteen years through an extensive research program. This design improvement program has incorporated new manufacturing and assembly processes using state-of-the-art materials and technology. During this period, the Treadwell/Giner team has successfully improved the reliability, safety and cell life, while reducing the cost of the Electrolysis Module.

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