Treadwell Corporation - Oxygen Generation Systems

Time Line


Treadwell is founded to offer professional construction, consulting and design engineering services to the metals, chemical and electric industries.


The United States Navy selects Treadwell to design, develop and manufacture an Electrolytic Oxygen Generator (EOG) to provide breathing oxygen for the crew of its newly developed class of nuclear submarines.


Treadwell installs its Model 7L16 EOG aboard USS Nautilus.


Treadwell introduces the Model 6L16 EOG. This unit is used aboard all 637, 688 and 726 class submarines.


Installation of the 100th Model 6L16 EOG in the U.S. submarine fleet.


Treadwell is selected to build a proton exchange membrane fuel cell for the U.S. Air Force.


Treadwell is selected to manufacture the Oxygen Generating Plant (OGP) that provides crew breathing oxygen for Seawolf class submarines.


More than 100 6L16 EOGs remain in service as the primary oxygen generation system for the Navy's submarine fleet.


Treadwell is contracted to convert existing 6L16 EOGs to a micro-processor based digital control system.


Treadwell delivers high pressure PEM hydrogen generators to both Fuel Cell Energy and General Motors.


Treadwell wins the Low Pressure Electrolyzer solicitation to replace existing oxygen generators on both Seawolf and Ohio class submarines.


Treadwell installs the first production LPE on board the U.S. Navy’s most critical submarine, the USS Jimmy Carter.

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