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Treadwell Corporation Thomaston ConnecticutFor over 50 years Treadwell has designed and manufactured electrolytic oxygen generation systems for the United States Navy. Shortly after the Korean War the U.S. Navy searched for a company with the technical capabilities to design and build an Electrolytic Oxygen Generator (EOG) to provide breathing oxygen for the crew of its newly developed class of nuclear submarines. For this critical application, the Navy needed a contractor who not only could handle the technical and manufacturing challenge, but who also had a record of the highest possible reliability.

The Navy recruited Treadwell, and we've been on board ever since. We first saw service on Nautilus and 598 class submarines with our Model 7L16 EOG that produced 90 SCFH of pure oxygen. Over the next nine years we developed more efficient 7L16 EOG versions that by 1965 were producing 125 SCFH of oxygen. As submarine technology advanced, so did we. In 1965 the Navy called upon Treadwell to develop an oxygen generator to meet its increasingly more stringent specifications for extreme reliability and quiet operation. We responded by designing and producing the electronically controlled, water cooled 6L16 EOG, producing 150 SCFH of oxygen. In the 90’s we further upgraded the EOG to a completely Automated EOG (AEOG) using a digital microprocessor. The AEOG/EOG design has proven so successful that today there are still more than 80 AEOG/EOGs at work producing breathing oxygen for all of the Navy's SSN 688 and SSBN 726 class submarines.

Treadwell won the Low Pressure Electrolyzer (LPE) solicitation in 2007, whose purpose was to replace existing oxygen generators on both Seawolf and Ohio class submarines with new technology. The LPE uses a state-of-the-art proton exchange membrane electrolysis cell stack to produce 225 SCFH of oxygen.

Designing and building oxygen generators that meet or exceed the U.S. Navy’s extremely high standards requires a lot more than inspired engineering.  It also requires the finest manufacturing and quality control.  Treadwell is staffed and equipped to meticulously assemble and test our oxygen generators to all pertinent military specifications.

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